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We Felt So Alone

I recently lost my perfect baby at 36 weeks. It was a perfectly healthy pregnancy, then one morning I didn't feel my baby girl moving.

We rushed to the hospital and there was no heartbeat. Our beautiful daughter entered the world silently the next morning due to a silent placental abruption. We were so shocked and heartbroken.

How could this happen? Are we the only ones in the world that his happened to? We felt so alone. We had no one to talk to that had experienced this. No one talks about this or prepares you for it. But then as we seeked answers and online support, we learned that there were SO many people that had and we're going through it.

We weren't alone. But why doesn't anyone talk about it? We want to help break the silence. We want to talk about our precious baby that lived within my womb and that is forever a part of us.

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