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May 2020 Update

Due to changes related to the global pandemic and COVID19, group screenings in person have been suspended until further notice. As a result of this change, we have updated our screening model to accommodate groups who wish to view the film together. 

The film is currently available for rental and purchase through Vimeo. If you have a group that you'd like to provide prepaid viewing codes to, please contact us for group pricing, including opportunities to invite the filmmakers to participate in your after-viewing Q&A session. 

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Host A Public Screening

When we first envisioned releasing this documentary, it was our hope that it would be viewed among friends, family and support partners to help start conversations and end the stigmas. So we're pretty thrilled that you're interested in hosting a screening!

The production crew of Don't Talk About the Baby will be organizing a screening tour during the first months of 2019, but we know many people would like to screen it with their own groups well before then. 

Here are some of the ins and outs of hosting a screening:

Any public performance of the film requires a Public Performance Rights license to show the film, which is super easy to get for this movie. The Store section of this website has both private use and screening copies of the documentary for sale, and you'll want to select the screening copy if you intend to screen for anything other than a personal viewing. 

You'll need a location that provides access to a screen and DVD/Blu Ray player. Keep in mind the size of the space in relation to the sound capabilities of whatever speakers you'll be using, especially in regards to your expected crowd size. 

Make sure to plan for discussion time afterwards! One of the beautiful things about this project is that it sparks conversations. You'll be surprised to see who has a story to tell or who wants to talk about their experiences after watching the film. All Screening copies of the documentary come with discussion points to consider to aid in group discussions. 

Tell us about it! No really, drop us a line by email or tag us on social media to tell us about your event and we'll help plug it online. We get warm tinglies when we hear about group screenings of the film, and we'd love to hear about yours!

If you are interested in having one or more of the filmmakers attend the screening or attend a QA via Skype, please reach out to us to get more information and discuss scheduling. 

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