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The Filmmakers

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Ann Zamudio
Producer | Director

Ann is an award winning filmmaker who received her degree in Cinematic Arts from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She has worked for Discovery Communications and serves on the board of Directors for Women In Film. This is Ann's first feature length film, and she is excited to have the opportunity to explore such an important topic in her first feature documentary. Ann is passionate about women's issues and telling stories creatively through vivid imagery and new points of view. 

Krista Gervon

Krista graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2004 where she received a Bachelors in sociology. After college she moved to San Diego, CA where she completed a certificate in News Production and worked as a Production Assistant on her first documentary, The Devil’s Breath. The emmy-nominated film is an in-depth look at how the October 2007 wildfires of San Diego affected the lives of three groups of migrants heading north from Mexico. Krista also has more than ten years of experience in marketing and public relations and is very excited to be involved in Don’t Talk About the Baby to help break the silence around miscarriage.

Omeed Nabavi
Director of Photography

Omeed has been capturing stories in some form or other since his early childhood. As far as anyone can tell, this likely started when his parents handed him their old cassette tape recorder, likely as a last-ditch effort to make him leave them alone for once. The plan worked, resulting in countless hours spent in his room where he penned and recorded skits about, well.. nothing of note.


Over the years, this fascination with creation evolved into still photography. He incessantly borrowed the family point-and-shoot camera to take photos of every object he found to be beautiful around him. Though his work noticeably improved over the years, he wasn’t satiated by stills alone, and thus he began delving into video and filmmaking as a high school student.


In 2013, Omeed received his BFA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. In 2015, he co-founded Stereoscope Studios, a boutique video production company whose clients include ELLE Magazine, Merritt Athletic Clubs, American University, and REACT! Records.


Today, he works as a video specialist at Stanley Black & Decker and operates Stereoscope Studios with Alec Walker. You can find out more about his work at

Alec Walker
Associate Producer

Life has molded Alec into a storyteller and a filmmaker since his early childhood. Between the love and passion for movies and books that was shared among his family and how often they moved into different places and subcultures, he became adept at noticing how much the stories we accept and are repeated to us, shape who we are as individuals and groups. His first way of expressing this understanding in performance was acting (he wrote poetry too but gladly those works will never see the light of day), to imitate an acceptable character wherever he was. He enjoyed the process so much that he carried on starring in school plays from his middle school years into high-school. However, he learned quickly that some subcultures need not be imitated. Inspired by works such as a A Brave New World and Heart of Darkness and spurred by his desire to escape the drama of the high-school drama club, Alec went on to organize and train an acting troupe comprised of completely green actors who went on to perform Cappie nominated performances. Upon graduating, however, the troupe could no longer stay together.


So Alec carried on his passion for storytelling in the only way available to him; writing, which is how he and Omeed crossed paths and cycle began anew. Now Alec writes, produces, and directs new stories and is building yet another team of talented creatives. Alec continues to challenge himself and his team to take visual storytelling into new and interesting grounds and treats every project as an opportunity to push their limits as a creatives. If Alec has it his way, Stereoscope will have a lasting impact the film and video industry (and maybe cause a little trouble, too).

Daniel Siebenhaar
Assistant Camera Operator

Danny received his Bachelor of Arts from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Media and Communication Studies along with a minor in sociology. He’s won awards for his short film Walls, based on people who are affected by social anxiety, during the international Campus Movie Festival leading him to compete in Los Angeles. You can see more of his work in Tattoo Magazine as well as with the 98 Rock team located on TV hill in Baltimore. 

Rachel George

Rachel George is an Honors student graduating with a BA in English and a BS in Marketing at the University of Maryland. She has worked in branding and marketing for the past four years, creating and growing a streetwear and art brand as the Creative Director of the company Meta Cartel, as well as rebranding and leading marketing for the QUEST Honors Program at UMD. She also has personal experience with videography, including a promotional video she filmed and produced for the UMD study abroad office from her summer working with a nonprofit in Ecuador. For more of her work, visit

Tiffany Parsons
Graphic Designer

Tiffany Parsons is an Independent Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and owner of Swirls & Smocks. She is a veteran of the United States Army and earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Methodist University in 2013. Her scope of work ranges from designing publications for Higher-Learning Institutions and Local Lifestyle magazines, to developing and defining visual identities for individuals, businesses, and organizations.She is excited to have the opportunity to work with this team and help visually convey the fragility and importance of this topic. For more information and to view her work please visit

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