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Filming Our Kickstarter Shoot!

This was a really exciting weekend for DTATB for several reasons, and only one of them rhymes with Scmicksmarter. First off, we had one of our very first shoots for the final film, and that was an interview with the amazing Dr. Karen Kelly from Through the Heart Foundation. She had some really great things to tell us about the Comfort Kit program, and how it helps grieving families. Right now the kits are primarily for women, but we discussed the possibility of making kits geared towards men if the demand ever calls for it. What do you think, would there be a demand for kits for men? I hope we get to the point where men feel comfortable requesting support like that.

After that we set up for our Kickstarter video shoot, and it was a big moment for our production team. You see, Krista is based in New Jersey, so this was the first time we actually saw her in person! Carletta and I are based in the DC area, but even we don’t get together very much in person, so it was a great day in that we were all in the same place at the same time.

Shooting the actual video was a blast! It might not come across that way because we put on our serious faces, but we had a lot of fun putting together our lines. It was so important to us that we get it right because this is our message to you. It’s us speaking directly to the world, asking for their support- that’s a big responsibility! We really hope that we’ve risen to the task, and that we’re putting our best foot forward with this campaign.

We can’t wait to share clips with you all! We’ll be posting clips all the way until the campaign launches in mid June, and we’ll be showing you a sneak peak of the full video the week before.

Thank you so much for following along for our journey! Pre-production has lasted a little longer than we anticipated, but we’ve been spending this time securing many valuable partnerships and refining our ideas for this groundbreaking documentary.

Talk to you soon!

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