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Even Miracles Take A Little Time

There was one thing in life I always dreamed of, and that was to become a mommy. I have always been nurturing and maternal and motherhood is the embodiment of these values. When all my friends dreamt about the careers and homes they would someday have, I always knew that without a happy family to share those with, none of that would matter.

After my husband and I had been married for a year and a half, we decided the time was right to start our family. After a year of negative pregnancy tests, we knew it was time to get professional help. When we were made aware of our infertility, we were completely broadsided with grief. After five failed clomid cycles, five failed IUI’s and 5 failed IVF’s we felt defeated. We screamed and begged for my body to do what it seemed so resistant to do. For years we cried and questioned and watched everyone around us have babies.

Barrenness is a monster!!!

I will never forget the day our doctor told us we would most likely not be able to have our own biological children because it left a deep wound that would soon turn into empowerment. We decided adoption was our only choice and started the long, expensive process of private adoption. Infertility and adoption are unpredictable and grips your heart so tightly it nearly takes your breath.

After five years of failed fertility treatments, surgeries, adoption struggles and heart wrenching-heart cries.... a miracle happened. On Christmas Eve 2013, we found out we were pregnant.

NEVER give up on the one thing you can't go a single day without thinking about!

Dana suffered with infertility for over five years. She had several failed fertility treatment’s, surgeries, adoption struggles and heart wrenching-heart cries before her miracle came true. Infertility struggles left a deep wound that would soon turn into empowerment. Visit her blog at

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