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There is nothing my heartbreaking or devastating.

My name is Jackie. My husband and I had been married for three months when we found out I was pregnant. We were ecstatic! At 20 weeks pregnant I fell on the ice. After going to the hospital to be monitored, our daughter Taylor was okay. My doctor wanted to have me go to the hospital twice weekly until I delivered to ensure she was okay. I went to the hospital one morning when I was 40 weeks pregnant. When the nurse hooked me up on the monitors, we heard my daughters heartbeat and then it was gone. I did not know that Taylor could be gone. I didn't even know that was possible. Another doctor came in the room and didn't say anything after checking. The nurses called my doctor while I called my husband and parents. My doctor came, checked my pregnant belly and announced that's daughter was gone. My husband was still on his way from work but my parents were with me. I was stunned, in shock, and beyond confused. The nurse and I heard her heartbeat. My doctor talked me into an induction and my daughter Taylor Alexandra was born the following day on June 22. When I delivered her the nurse told me she hadn't been gone long. After she was born, we had arranged to have a photographer from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep to come and take photographs. I am so thankful for all of those beautiful photographs of our family. We went home soon after empty handed without our daughter. There is nothing my heartbreaking or devastating. Not only did we lose our first, our daughter, we also had a miscarriage later that year. The baby was 11 weeks.

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