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I hope talking about loss becomes the new "normal".


I've struggled with fertility for nearly 4 years...first having 2 miscarriages before being sent to a fertility specialist and then enduring treatments, another miscarriage, acupuncture, etc. before an unexpected pregnancy that ultimately ended in one of the most devastating ways---pprom. I had the joy of meeting my son who fought his hardest for 11 hours (enough time to fight to meet his mother and bring her so much joy during the most challenging time of her life). I could go on, but I think this condensed version of my journey illustrates the passion I have for this cause. To my friends/co-workers/peers, I've always been considered "strong". But, this journey has by far been the toughest, most life-changing struggle with its ultimate highs and ultimate lows. Loss, whether at 1 week, 3 weeks, or beyond the first trimester, hurts more than most people would ever imagine. By most people's standards, it's "normal" small-talk conversation to ask my husband and I if we have kids considering we've been together for 15 years and married for 7 years. Often times, I find it easier on others to just keep my real story to myself to avoid the discomfort to the person asking. I truly hope this effort (& video) will make people more aware of the struggles that many go through to start a family. And, I hope talking about loss becomes the new "normal".

Best, Tracey

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