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The worse days were...when the baby was supposed to be born.

In November 2013, I was blessed to get pregnant for the first time in my life. My husband and I had been married for five years and decided it was time to start a family. To our blessing, our first time actually trying -- we got pregnant. Unfortunately, 1 week after I confirmed my pregnancy (approximately 5 weeks pregnant); I experienced bad cramps and miscarried in the middle of the night. It has taken a few months to overcome the pain of the early loss, as well as struggling with infertility this past year. It became real to me when I saw the start of a life disappear before my eyes. The worse days were in July, when the baby was supposed to be born; and at times seeing newborn babies of our friends throughout the year. I kept thinking, "Why Me?", and that there must be something wrong with me. With the help of our fertility specialist and some family and friends, I have come more at peace with the loss, however will never forget. I have learned to appreciate life more and how precious the gift of life is. We are still on our journey to becoming parents, and still have hope that our dreams will come true.

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