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To us...she was pure light.

It was well over 20 years ago. I want to honor her memory by submitting this information. The year was 1983 - I was told by a doctor that something was amiss-as a young woman. I had not started my period - and tests were being done by professionals to find out why. The best they could come up with was I was not ovulating. Hormones were sparse in my system and they began me on a regimen of hormone replacement therapy at 19 after telling me I would never - ever - have a child. Since I did not officially ovulate - and since HRT actually works like birth control. At 21 I married a Marine and we moved to Tustin. Somewhere in my journey, I believe God gave me courage to believe that He could do the impossible. I spent a lot of time in prayer - and conceived while still on the hormone replacement therapy. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on March 18, 1989. 2 years later - I was interested in trying for another miracle. Implantation took place on March 5th (or thereabouts) of 1992. I began to bleed by the 7 week mark and lost the baby. We named her (as we both believed it was a girl) Gloria. To us- especially to me - she was pure light. After losing the baby (5 months later) my husband left. I started again with my now 2 year old son. He has been the best gift in the world to me. He is now 25 and has been married a year. His own daughter was born 9 months ago and when I saw her face for the first time - I saw reflections of my "deposit in heaven" - my heart finally rested from its grief and I embraced this new life with joy.

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