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I fight this fight until I have a healthy baby...

My first miscarriage I had back in Switzerland. After my Mom had 7 miscarriages and and one still birth I wasn't surprised about this miscarriage. Shortly after I got pregnant again, another loss. After the 3rd loss I moved to the US and the Doc here sent my to an RE. After multiple tests they found out that I was homozygos for MTHFR 667, the Doc's told not to worry about it and that this has nothing to do with my miscarriages. They just said that they can't find out what the problem was. After another miscarriage I started rereading all of my test results and stumbled on more time over this MTHFR. Turns out that this is a clotting disorder and many many women with this suffer from miscarriages and still births. Doctors are not yet aware of it, or very rarely. I fight this fight until I have a healthy baby that I know I will have one day.

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