top of page does not define who I am...a strong woman.

Both of my miscarriages happened at about the same time week 8. I have felt unbelievably sadness as I am now 44 and don't have much time left. I feel people look at me differently because they don't know what to say. ... especially if the have a healthy Baby. I'm sick of hearing "It will happen if you relax and don't think about it" or "There was good reason it didn't make it" None of these things make me feel better. Both of my babies had names but no graves to visit. Mourning is internal and differs from phase to phase and day to day. I wish new mothers were more understandable and gentle with things like baby showers and coming to see the baby right after is born. I think of my little ones every day and want to think of the milestones they would be hitting as time goes by. But it does not define who I am ...a strong woman.

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