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What This Film Will Be...

Thank you for checking out our very first production blog! This film is about you and for you, so it's very important to us that you get clear idea of how this documentary is going to be made. We want to give you as much of a behind-the-scenes experience as possible, and welcome any and all questions you might have as you go on the filmmaking journey with us.

With that in mind, I want to share my vision for this film. We don't just want to tell stories about loss and struggle- we want to explore how exactly we got to this point of being afraid and embarassed to talk about miscarriage and infertility. We want to share the experiences of other people who have gone through it, and how they're changing the dialogue by openly sharing their stories in their communities. When this film is finished, it should be able to convey what it's like to go through something as harrowing as miscarriage and infertility, and what we can do to change conversations about it.

Journeys will play a critical role in the narrative of this film. The journeys of the men and women struggling to start their families, and the journeys of the filmmakers as we capture these stories. This documentary captures the lives of people from all around the country, and this film will show you the worlds these people live in. You'll recognize them, because they're all around us and they're in all of our communities. Loss is so much more prevalant than people think, and this documentary will show you just how close to home it hits.

As we prepare to take this journey, please note that this documentary is being produced entirely through non traditional funding. This production is not benefitting from private investors or studio support. It will be made through grants, donations and sponsorships from individuals, small businesses and corporations. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the production so that we can begin capturing these stories and start making a change.

Please check back here for new blog posts from contributing artists, crew members and partner organizations who are committed to changing the conversation about loss. If there is a special topic you want to hear about, please sound off in the comments and we'll make sure to add it in future posts.

Thank you for taking this journey with us, and for being dedicated to breaking the silence!

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