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...I decided I wasn't going to be ashamed...

I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks. This baby was unplanned and a complete surprise after being told my chances of getting pregnant were very slim and trying for 9 months before getting pregnant with my son. About a week after I found out, I had a little spotting, called the doctor and they said it's normal. I had an ultrasound that week. Baby was measuring 5.6 when I should have been 8 and had a low heart rate. I was basically told it was wait and see. That was Tuesday. I had told family and a few close friends, but a lady at church had shared with almost everybody. That Friday night, I started bleeding and miscarried Saturday. That was a week ago. I announced my miscarriage on Facebook because I decided I wasn't going to be ashamed of what happened and I wanted people to know this little person existed. I haven't had to tell anyone in person yet, but I will not be ashamed of my child.

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