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There was nothing else they could do...

Paige passed away at 7 weeks old in Bangor, Maine due to sepsis and complications from a preforated bowel and acute respiratory distress syndrome. She was born 7 weeks premature and the doctors said she wouldn't be able to come home for at least 3 weeks but she fought hard and was actually home after 2. The 2 weeks she was home was full of happiness and relief. There was no having to adjust to a "new baby" in the house. Things just immediately fell into place. After losing Layla at 2 weeks old 2 years ago, she was 3 month premature due to placental abruption, then losing a baby at 14 weeks gestation.

Another girl, Nevaeh, were so glad to finally have her here, in our arms. Safe, happy, healthy.... and then again on April 1st our would turned upside down as we were again finding ourselves back in the hospital with her on life support. It all happened so quick we didn't even realize what was happening at first. She was sent to Bangor only on a little bit of oxygen because of RSV and then not even 2 days later she was on life support. She fought so hard for 3 weeks. She had for surgeries to remove parts of her intestines that died due to a blood clot. And then on April 20th the surgeon did an abdominal wash and found more of her bowels had preforated, and we were given the news we feared for 3 weeks. There was nothing else they could do and that she could no longer survive. We then had to make the decision no parent should have to make and had to take her off life support. Then at 6:56pm she passed away. Almost 45 min after she was taken off life support she still fought til the very end. And she passed away in our arms. So here we find our family saying goodbye to our third daughter.

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