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Time helps, but there's a sadness that will always remain...

I unfortunately miscarried twice in a row. After the second miscarriage which was technically termed a "fetal demise" or "baby loss" my marriage began to fall apart. The first I carried to about 3 months, the second one I carried to 6 months. My husband & I grieved in different ways & eventually we divorced. He turned to work & music & I turned to the sofa & watched movies. Eventually I started to begin to focus better & really focused on singing, my voice, piano, & acting students, but it was difficult. I was simply devastated. I always thought I would have 4 kids. To be my age (44) with no live children is sad & difficult. I still get sad around the times it should be their Birthdays & around the times I heard the news "I'm sorry there's no heartbeat." Time helps, but there's a sadness that will always remain in my heart.

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