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Her prognosis was incompatible with life.

I terminated my much wanted and loved pregnancy at nearly 32 weeks in July 2009. My husband and I were happily pregnant with our second child. At a routine perinatal appointment just shy of 29 weeks, the ventricles in our baby's brain measured slightly elevated. We were sent on for an MRI into my belly to get a clearer picture of our unborn daughter's brain.

On July 7th, we got the most shocking and devastating news. Our baby was missing pieces of her brain and it was severely underdeveloped. Her prognosis was incompatible with life. She was incapable of sucking, swallowing or breathing without significant medical intervention. We would have had to have a resuscitation order in place prior to giving birth as she would have most likely suffocated to death. We chose to end her pain by terminating.

At the time, there was only 1 doctor practicing in the US for this type of abortion. And he was across the country. I had to flee my home, family and loved ones (like a criminal!) to be able to obtain care and help end our daughter's pain. I'm interested in sharing my story with your documentary if you think my story is a good fit. I did write a lot of poetry as part of my processing. Not sure if it would be of any use in your film. Thanks.

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