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I was ashamed to talk about it...

At the young age of 18 I became pregnant with my first child. Instantly I knew something was wrong, I had this terrible feeling that I would lose this little person growing inside me. When I eventually miscarried I was shocked, anger, depressed just any and every emotion you can have. I never knew it was something I had done but I knew there was something wrong with me. I've been to several doctors each and every one telling me " you are young, this is normal." Since the age of 18, I am 24 now, I've been through 7 miscarriages without a clear answer to why. I was ashamed to talk about it, I was embarrassed and ultimately depressed.

It was hard to see someone pregnant. It was hard to walk by the baby section in a store. I've learned to accept its just going to take a little more for me to finally have a baby of my own. At first my family wasn't open to talk about my loss, but they too have learned to accept it and on a bad day when I need to talk about these tiny babies had growing inside me they are there to listen.