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In honor of my stillborn daughter's first birthday, we collected...books on grieving...

My third child was stillborn at 41 weeks after a completely healthy pregnancy. In addition to handling our own grief, my husband and I are guiding our two living children through theirs. It is certainly challenging to raise my kids to be proud of their baby sister and to honor her space in our family when death, especially infant death, is so taboo. After my daughter's stillbirth, I had two miscarriages (one at 6wks, one at 9 wks) and am now pregnant with our fourth baby, another little girl.

At my 9 week ultrasound for this pregnancy, I was informed that I lost this baby's twin. I have had to manage my desire to be forthright and honest with my reality and protecting my older daughter from re-experiencing a loss that is still so raw with her. In honor of my stillborn daughter's first birthday, we collected $5,000 worth in books on grieving and living with infant loss, as well as keepsake handprint kits. I would be very honored to share more of my story with you.

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