Love is love no matter...

I'm 36 with my first child, after living for 18 years being told I was never going to have a child. I told people I was not a breeder, and fought ignorant people who told me I'd never know what love is because I would not have a blood child! People can be so cruel!

Even after it all, I miraculously was chosen after all and the universe blessed me! Still females threw at me that I should have known I was pregnant and that I was not in touch with my body because I did not find out I was pregnant until two days before laparoscopic exploratory surgery where they were going to tie my tubes while looking for tumors or endometriosis. The reason they where doing a tubal ligation was because my insurance would not pay for exploratory surgery but it would sterilize me. Turned out after 12 doctors visits and two days before surgery pre operation blood work found I was pregnant. Then they washed their hands of me. Did not even recommend a dr for me to see.

The next day I lied and said I was spotting at the hospital just so I could find out what was really going on. Turned out I was four months pregnant and I had been going to the hospital and doctors ten days after conceiving my little girl! May 28th we conceived, started going to the Dr June 8th. Every time woman acts like I was broken cause I didn't know makes me angry, every relationship I lost because I was broken makes me sad, many time a man told me I was broken. I'd never know love. Even as I Have my own child, I still disagree .. Love is love no matter!!

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