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That's when life changed for me...

I have been blessed with two beautiful girls, got pregnant easily both times. Nine years later I married my second husband and that's when things changed. We got pregnant, I took my daughters with me to the first sonogram so they could see their new sister or brother. That's when life changed for me.

They saw two sacks and no heart beats. I was ten weeks at the time, it was devastating especially since my two girls were there. I had to be strong for them when I was falling apart inside. A few days later I passed everything.

Six months later we were pregnant again we told no one because we were so scared. One night I started having horrible pains, I went to the bathroom and just cried. I had lost baby #2. About six months later we were pregnant again. Went in at six weeks and baby's heart was weak, started me on baby aspirin and prescription folate. A week later that baby too had passed.

My body was not interested in passing it this time so I had a D&C. About a week later I began to hemorrhage barely made it through the doors of the ER before I passed out. They still don't know why this happened, they started me on birth control to control the bleeding. A week later I was back. Hemorrhage started again. This time they saw a piece of tissue on my uterus, the next morning I had my second D&C. I decided to go to a specialist, she was amazing. We did an hysteroscopy in her office she found more tissue that needed to be removed so we scheduled my 3rd D&C.

By the next day, however, I was in so much pain, I had become infected from the procedure. She had an autopsy done of the remaining tissue so we could get some answers. We had already had the chromosome test done and everything was normal. It was a boy his name would have been Asher. He had Trisomy 16, a common reason women miscarry. They also said he had attached to my C-section scar which could have ended badly for us both. I am finally twelve weeks and six days pregnant. I was on progesterone through the first trimester and a complete wreck. My Dr's have been wonderful, I have been seen almost weekly to ensure that there is still a heart beat, I have had my first genetics test and it came back all normal. I still have major anxiety about losing this baby but it is better than it was at the beginning. I keep telling myself that God will do what's best for this baby and my family, I just pray we are on the same page this time around. Thanks for letting me share.

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